Cheat Meals... What happens to my body?

Posted on January 26 2022

When you transition to the ketogenic lifestyle you may find yourself tempted by non keto foods and treats. Giving into those temptations can do more harm then good. Lets go through what happens to your body when you slide into old ways of eating.
When your body has previously detoxed sugars and other inflammatory foods, your body goes into a bit of stress to process these foods. One of the most common side effects is to get headaches. This is your body's way of saying it is struggling!
Stomach bloating and discomfort
The rapid extension of your stomach and the discomfort is your digestive system struggling to process the food. Enzymes (stomach acid) breaks down the food so it can pass through the rest of your digestive system. When you have highly processed food, these enzymes have to work overtime to process the food which can create bloating and discomfort. It can also mean you spend a little more time visiting your bathroom.
Insulin / Blood Sugar Increase
When you have a high carb meal or treat your pancreas releases insulin to process the carbohydrates. If you have a large influx of carbohydrates your body rushes to process it and can cause a 'energy crash'.
Carb Addiction
Having treat meals can kick off carb addiction. You've worked so hard to rid your body of the nasty effects of carb addiction, having a high carb treat or meal could reignite that addiction.
Mental Health
Mental health is an important thing to remember. When we have a treat meal or emotional eat, we are prone to self depreciate. What does this mean? Well we aren't nice to ourselves. It can make it harder to get back on track if we are beating ourselves up for having a high carb meal/treat.
How to avoid cheat meals
  • Always be prepared. Have snacks / meals available that are convient
  • Research recipes. We are in the age of information. Google your favourite keto alternative to your old high carb favourites.
  • Keep your goals in the front of your mind. Each step forward is bringing you closer to that goal.
  • Don't let others sway you. Yes, I said that. Friends / family can mean well, but they don't live in your shoes. They don't deal with the repercussions of a cheat meal. You do.



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