Electrolyte Balance

Posted on January 26 2022


Why are electrolytes important?

Simply put.... They do a lot in the body. They regulate muscle contractions and keep you hydrated. Electrolytes also help balance your pH levels (the measure of acidity and alkalinity). And they control nervous-system function.

What are some signs of low electrolyte levels?

Fatigue, headache, nausea, blood pressure changes, muscle cramps, low energy, loss of appetite and simply not feeling well.

How do you lose electrolytes?

Your body flushes electrolytes through sweat, urine. During the initial phase of weightloss you can experience a 'flush' of water weight and during that phase your body will flush electrolytes too.

Can you stop it?

No, its a natural process your body does. Your body has a wonderful detox process where it gets rid of the old stuff to make way for new.

Well, what can we do?

Eat a well balanced keto diet! Add salt to dishes and supliment with a quality electrolyte if needed. Please note: all electrolytes are not created equal. Choose a quality electrolyte that does not contain glucose such as ReVitalise


Signs of Electrolyte Imbalance

Sodium Potassium Magnesium
Fatigue Muscle Cramps Muscle cramping or twitching at night or after exercise
Weaknes Muscle Twitching
Headaches Heart palpitations / increased awareness of heartbeat
Difficulity Concentrating
How to fix  How to fix How to fix
Add more salt to meals or have broths Eat an extra avocado or portion of leafy greens or mushrooms per day. Eat seeds like hemp, pumpkin and chia or a portion of mackerel, almonds or leafy greens per day.



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