Stalled???? Here's Why

Stalled? The Uncomfortable Keto Facts You Need To Hear

Reading through member posts in our group, I keep seeing similar themes emerging and the end result is that a lot of people are stalling.


The first one is sweeteners. I understand that not everyone can be repetitive in their food choices..... I get it, really I do. But you have to understand that consuming sweeteners too often causes a ratchet effect, meaning that your insulin levels never drop low enough for your body to access your fat stores as fuel.

By all means, have that Keto Treat for morning tea! But don't also sweeten your coffee that morning, chew on sweetened gum after lunch, have that sugar free coke before dinner or that low carb dessert. Oh, if you're fasting btw, HAVE NOTHING SWEET!!! You'll ruin your fast.

Keep an eye out for maltitol in the ingredients list. Maltitol has a Glycemic Index Score that is nearly half that of White Table Sugar.

CICO vs Insulin Therapy

Put simply, if you're counting calories and relying on a deficit to lose fat you're doing it wrong. Yep, I said it. Wrong, wrong, WRONG!!! Losing Fat is a hormonal process that utilises the insulin switch to allow access to our fat reserves. If you want the lowdown on calories Read This.

As we know, it takes excess blood glucose plus insulin to create fat in the body. Since Gluconeogenisis is demand-driven, excess protein isn't turned into glucose. It's just not possible. Dietary Fat isn't stored as fat either. Here's an exercise in logic: If you eat very few carbohydrates and keep your insulin levels very low, how can your body make new fat? That's right, it can't.

Here's Dr Jason Fung to explain the Insulin Cycle

The Dreaded Bread (and other processed foods)

There is another type of food that doesn't have sweeteners, but can cause a stall. Yes, that too good to be true low carb bread...... that's actually too good to be true. Whether the Aldi, Woolworths Macro, Coles Alpine or IGA's Herman Brot, the bulk of the bread is Gluten and Fibre. Both are actually quite inflammatory to the gut and make processing other foods more difficult. Adding processed fibre to your diet is like having a traffic-jam and adding more cars to try and solve it.


90% - 95% of your diet should be real, whole fresh keto food. Unprocessed, made from scratch, low carb, low fibre fresh food. If it has a sweetener in it, it's a treat. Stick to one a day and only in your eating window.

Concentrate on keeping your Insulin levels low so you can properly access your fat stores. Don't waste your time counting calories.