The Forms of Keto

Posted on December 22 2020

The Forms of Keto

Therapeutic Keto

Therapeutic Keto was first used as a treatment for epilepsy. This is the cleanest version of keto with strict guidelines and food lists with a focus on Green Leafy Vegetables, Healthy Fats, and Animal/Nut Proteins.

Macros are calculated, tracked and followed religiously.

Standard Keto

Standard Keto is the same as Therapeutic Keto but allows the addition of Keto Substitutions which opens up a broad range of options thanks to the ability to substitute in keto baking ingredients, keto pasta/noodles, and keto rice. The focus is still on Fresh, Unprocessed Foods and Good Fats

Macros are calculated and used as a guide but not always tracked.

Lazy Keto

Lazy Keto is the same as Standard Keto but Macros aren't calculated or tracked except carbohydrates.

Dirty Keto

Dirty Keto is the If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) form of Keto. What this means is that practitioners will eat anything whether it's grain based, inflammatory or insulin spiking provided they can make it fit their macros.

We support their choices but we don't suggest using this method.


Carnivore is a subset of Keto where the practitioner only eats foods derived from animals. It is both the best elimination diet if someone is having inflammation flares from food and is also our biologically appropriate diet. Homosapians evolved as primarily meat-eaters and opportunistic omnivores. There are 2 forms of Carnivore:

  1. Strictly meat, organs, salt and water
  2. Meat and Dairy, organs are optional, keto safe drinks other than water are allowed.

Tracking Macros goes against the whole idea of this form of Keto.

Vegan/Vegetarian Keto

These forms of Keto are attempted by trying to fit Ketogenic Dietary principles into their respective dietary structures. Vegetarian Keto can be achieved with a little effort and substitution.

Tracking Macros is an individual choice for these forms of Keto.



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