The Truth About Calories

Posted on December 27 2020

Myth Fact
Counting calories is the only way to lose weight Calories cannot be counted. Food is metabolised differently. Your body has no idea what a calorie is, it only uses macronutrients as fuel (fat, protein and carbohydrates).
CICO is important No! calorie in vs calorie out has been debunked! Our bodies are too complex to use such a simplistic formula. Weight loss is a hormonal process not a CICO process.
Calories are facts Not true. The scientist that invented calories has debunked his own research due to the complex makeup of foods and our own digestive system.

So, how do you SAFELY lose body fat?

  1. Become fat adapted so you can burn fat as fuel. You have to be capable of using your body fat reserves to replace the fuel you won’t be eating as food.
  2. Begin to lower your insulin levels by following the Ketogenic Diet.
  3. As you become FAT ADAPTED you will find you’re not as hungry as you used to be. At this point, follow the Eat when hungry until satisfied, but if not hungry DON’T EAT rule.
  4. As the gaps between your meals widen because you don’t feel hungry, you’ll naturally start Intermittent Fasting. At this point, you’ll still be eating all your daily nutrients but it’ll be from fewer meals with a big gap between them.
  5. As time progresses, you’ll begin consuming less because you’re not hungry. The reason you’re not hungry is that your body fat reserves are now making up the rest of your daily fuel requirements.

In Conclusion:

Unless you first lower your insulin levels (which can take some time if you’re insulin resistant), you shouldn’t force yourself to cut calories to lose weight or (like every other calorie cutting diet out there) you are likely to dangerously lower your Basal Metabolic Rate. A calorie deficit is not actually a deficit because your fat reserves are making up the difference.

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