Weight Loss Frustrations

Posted on December 27 2020

Weight Loss Frustrations...
They are real... We've all been there...

Why do we feel frustrated when our bodies haven't dropped a magic number each week? What are we doing wrong? Should I just give up?

These are all questions we have faced throughout our lives as we embark on ways to get fitter and healthier.

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves for a 'good' result on the scales... Well, to put it bluntly, we are programmed to expect instant gratification. We are surrounded by it. We press a button and *boom* magic happens.

So why do we expect our bodies to behave the same as everything else? Our bodies are not machines. They do not have indentical operating systems. We are a bundle of nerves, muscles, hormones and all sorts of other really complex bits and bobs. (Yes that was my attempt at a scientific term 😂).

Please, PLEASE.... For anyone that is frustrated that they aren't seeing what they expect on a scale, please stop and take a breath and celebrate all the other aspects you have experienced on this challenge. Your body is healing.

Your body did not become imbalanced overnight or in a week etc... It's been months even years for you to get to this spot. Celebrate the energy, or the cms lost or even that your tastebuds are satisfied and you are slowly retraining your brain that you can make better decisions for your health.

We are so proud of all your accomplishments, no matter how big or small you are making progress. Keep up the amazing work ❤


Consuming sweeteners too often causes a ratchet effect, meaning that your insulin levels never drop low enough for your body to access your fat stores as fuel.

By all means, have that Keto Treat for morning tea! But don't also sweeten your coffee that morning, chew on sweetened gum after lunch, have that sugar free coke before dinner or that low carb dessert. Oh, if you're fasting btw, HAVE NOTHING SWEET!!! You'll ruin your fast.

Keep an eye out for maltitol in the ingredients list. Maltitol has a Glycemic Index Score that is nearly half that of White Table Sugar.

CICO vs Insulin Therapy

Put simply, if you're counting calories and relying on a deficit to lose fat you're doing it wrong. Losing fat is a hormonal process that utilises the insulin switch to allow access to our fat reserves.

Here's Dr Jason Fung to explain the Insulin Cycle

The Dreaded Bread (and other processed foods)

There is another type of food that doesn't have sweeteners, but can cause a stall. Yes, that too good to be true low carb bread...... that's actually too good to be true. Whether the Aldi, Woolworths Macro, Coles Alpine or IGA's Herman Brot, the bulk of the bread is Gluten and Fibre. Both are actually quite inflammatory to the gut and make processing other foods more difficult. Adding processed fibre to your diet is like having a traffic-jam and adding more cars to try and solve it.


90% - 95% of your diet should be real, whole fresh keto food. Unprocessed, made from scratch, low carb fresh food. If it has a sweetener in it, it's a treat. Stick to one a day and only in your eating window.

Concentrate on keeping your Insulin levels low so you can properly access your fat stores. Don't waste your time counting calories.



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