These items are on our 8 Week Summer Challenge Shopping List. 

      Don't FORGET to use summer022 in the coupon box for your discount

      PLEASE PLACE ORDER ASAP - so that we can ensure they arrive to you within enough time to start challenge as some locations mean it could take over a week to get to you.

      All items highlighted below are only available from our store

      Gsk spice kits

      Satay Spice Kit
      Greek Obsession
      Bagel Blend
      Buffalo Wings n Things

      Honey/maple syrup

      Apricot Jam

      Blackberry Jam

      Other items you can source elsewhere are

      Almond Flour
      Coconut Flour
      Golden Flaxseed Meal
      Whey Protein Isolate
      Callowfit: Choc Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Peri, Mayo
      Cocoaminos original or naked


      Garlic Powder 300g

      Onion Powder 300g

      Crushed pork crackling

      Golden Monkfruit

      Beef and Chicken Concentrated Stock


      The rest can be purchased through either your local super markets (woollies, coles) or health food stores, depending on where you live.  You are not obligated to purchase them through us.  If you want to purchase them through us you will receive your 10% discount at checkout.  

      27 products

      27 products