Challenges Run for 6 Weeks

Who will These Challenges Suit you ask?

  • Those that are New to Keto wanting to learn the basic Knowledge to starting
  • Those that follow Dirty or Lazy Keto
  • Those Who aren't Strict Keto
  • Those that want a reboot
  • Those Fallen off the wagon
  • Those that are interested in weight loss
  • Those that want a low carb low sugar Lifestyle
  • Those that want to change their Health Issues they currently have 


Our Bootcamps Run For 28 Days in total - (You Must be Over 6 Months Keto to participate.)  

Who will this Bootcamp suit you ask?

    • Members that want to tidy up their eating habits and go 'clean'
    • Members experiencing long phases of stalling
    • Members who are close to their goal weight and want to get rid of those last stubborn kgs.

What is Bootcamp You ask?  It is 28 Days of Strict / Clean Recipes

(No Flours, No Sweeteners, No Processed Foods No Alcohol, No Cheats,  NO EXCUSES)

Look forward to seeing you all there 


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2 products