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If you’re not a fan of measuring out your Mixxy Bevvy Boosters with tablespoons, grab a couple of our Mixxy Bevvy Booster pumps!

Each squirt equals 5ml so for a full boosted bevvy, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to get 1 full flavoured serving of Mixxy. Don’t want a full serving? Hit that pump twice. Do you just want to boost your bevvy a little bit? Hit the pump once and be done with it.

Our 3 pump design gives you the flexibility to flavour your bevvy the way you like it!


1) Push the tube into the end of the pump head.
2) Screw the pump into your bottle of Mixxy Bevvy Booster.
3) Twist the pump nozzle to unlock.
4) Squirt away!

Mixxy Tip: We recommend dispensing 15ml of Mixxy Bevvy Booster BEFORE inserting the pump. Things can get messy if there’s not enough room in the bottle for the pump to fit in.

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