Simply Swap Foods - Keto Vanilla Mug Cake 80g

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So Easy to make!!


One pack makes two large decadent mug cakes (4 serves) and can be made one at a time as packs are resealable ❤

Need a hug? These delicious keto low carb vanilla mug cakes will warm you up and leave you with a smile as you know you're nourishing your body from the inside out with premium immune-boosting real food ingredients.

Contains pure ground vanilla beans (pesticide free), organic coconut flour and Australian almond meal. We value your health!

* No added sugar 
* Gluten free
* Suitable for diabetics
* No bitter aftertaste
* Plant based sweeteners
* No artificial ingredients
* No maltitol or xylitol (we love our dogs!)
* No seed oils or starches

* Keto friendly snacks
* Low carb foods

Blanched Almond Meal
Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener (Non-GMO erythritol, Monk Fruit extract)
Organic Coconut Flour (no sulphites)
Ground Pure Vanilla Beans (no pesticides)

Bicarb soda

Keto cakes can be made in microwave or oven - full instructions on pack.

Mug cakes are decadent and nutrient dense on their own, but even better if you.....
* Serve with cream, ice cream, coconut cream, berries, melted choc or nuts
* Add lemon rind, lemon juice and berries for a delicious variation (full details on pack)
* Ice with vanilla cream cheese icing 

We proudly use  LAKANTO® sweetener in our mug cakes (a combination of Monk Fruit extract and non-GMO erythritol). 
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