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Have you tried the Celebrate Health Recipe Bases? Not sure which one to try first? How about grab them all in a value bundle?

Chinese Beef Ingredients:  Water (85%), Corn Starch (4%), Soy Sauce Powder (2%), Salt (2%), Vegetable Powders (2%) [Garlic, Onion], Vinegar (1%), Spices (0.5%) [Ginger, Pepper, Chinese Five Spice], Natural Flavours (0.5%), Natural Colours (0.4%) [Caramel I, Paprika Oleoresin], Yeast Extract (0.3%), Food Acid (0.2%) [Citric Acid], Vegetable Gum (0.1%) [Xanthan Gum], Natural Sweetener (<0.1%) [Steviol Glycosides].

Teriyaki Ingredients: Water (85%), Corn Starch (5%), Soy Sauce Powder (2.5%), Salt (2.5%), White Vinegar (2%), Natural Colours (0.8%) [Caramel I, Paprika Oleoresin], Vegetable Powders (0.7%) [Onion, Garlic], Natural Flavours (0.4%), Yeast Extract (0.2%), Spice (0.2%) [Ginger], Vegetable Gum (0.1%) [Xanthan], Food Acid (<0.1%) [Citric Acid], Spice Extract (<0.1%), Natural Sweetener (<0.1%) [Steviol Glycosides]

Peanut Free Satay Ingredients: Water, Onion, Coconut Milk [Coconut Extract, Water, Antioxidant (Citric Acid)], Apple Juice Concentrate, Sunflower Kernel, Corn Starch, Gluten Free Soy Sauce (contains Soy), Spices, Tamarind Concentrate, Pink Himalayan Salt, Dehydrated Garlic, Food Acid (Citric), Vegetable Gum (Xanthan), Natural Flavour.

Butter Masala Ingredients: Water, Tomatoes [contains Food Acid (Citric Acid)], Tomato Paste, Vinegar, Corn starch, Ginger, Spices (Coriander, Cumin, Paprika, Cinnamon, Pepper, Turmeric, Chilli, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Clove), Salt, Natural Flavour, Natural Colours (Turmeric, Paprika Oleoresin).

Green Thai Curry Ingredients: Water, Gluten Free Soy Sauce (contains Soy), Spices & Herbs, Corn Starch, Apple Juice Concentrate, Pink Himalayan Salt, Vegetable Powders, Dehydrated Garlic, Lime Juice Concentrate, Food Acid (Citric), Vegetable Gums (Guar, Xanthan), Natural Flavours, Herb Extract.

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