Celebrate Health - Lemon & Turmeric Salad Dressing 150g

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The new Celebrate Health Keto Salad dressings are not only all-natural, but also Keto friendly.  Perfect for green salads or mixed through homemade veggie sides, a simple swap with your traditional (unhealthy) dressing can make a big difference to your diet. Try a guilt free salad dressing and you’ll never go back! With no compromise on taste, this product is gluten-free, contains no artificial colours or flavours, and no added cane sugar.

INGREDIENTS: Avocado Oil (22%), Olive Oil, Water, Apple Cider Vinegar (21%), Lemon Juice (6%), Mustard, Honey, Himalayan Pink Salt, Turmeric (0.25%), Garlic Powder, Flaxseed Fibre.
Allergens: Contains Mustard

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