Eskal Variety Bundle 3 pack

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Check out the new Eskal Deli Hearts of Palm range with this variety 3 pack, containing one each of the following ..

  1. Mash
  2. Rice 
  3. Fine Noodles

• Quick and easy to prepare! These can be cooked in 2 minutes! 
• Sustainably sourced 
• Gluten Free  • Vegan  • No Preservatives 
• Low FODMAP  • Keto  •  Paleo 

Do you know why the species of Hearts of Palm (Bactris Gasipaes) is a sustainable species? Bactris Gasipaes does not die when the hearts are harvested, but sprouts a new stem in its place. All our hearts of palm products are cultivated, nothing is sourced from the wild. We encourage the conscious consumption of hearts of palm products.


Hearts of Palm

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