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*******There are 3 flavours in the bundle********

Plus an everything bagel blend



Create your cafe style ultimate experience in the comfort of your own home with Gourmet Spice Kits Dukkahs.

Dukkah, is a condiment consisting of nuts herbs and spices. It is typically used as as dip with some olive oil and bread or with vegetables as a starter.

Dukkahs are commonly seen used in restaurant and cafes now to jazz up meals, to give it the gourmet touch and to take the meals to another level in taste and appearance.

However in Australia it's common to see dukkahs loaded with sugar and also the use of cheaper ingredients like chickpeas to replace nuts as they are expensive. Therefore we at Gourmet Spice Kits have decided to bring you the quality you deserve and the flavour. Our Dukkahs are all natural, made traditionally with quality ingredients, nuts, herbs and spices. No sugar, no additives and no nasties in it.

You can now create your cafe style ultimate experience at home with these three new Dukkah flavours.

There are 3 flavours in the bundle

1. Avo Smash Dukkah
2. Snack Attack Dukkah
3. Mexican Olè Dukkah
PLUS A FREE EVERYTHING BAGEL for the first 30 Customers

Use them anyway you like.

1. Rub it on and roast/grill protein of your choice
2. Sprinkle it on eggs your way
3. Toss it through your salad
4. Whip it into a dressing of your choice
5. Top your dips
6. Add it to your stir fry
7. Sprinkle onto your creamy soup of choice
8. Top your Mac and Cheese
9. Garnish your low carb bread with it
10. Spruce up your roast, grilled or steamed vegetables
11. Mix it into your low carb crumb options
12. Coat your protein and grill.

It makes everything better ! 

WARNING: Contains nuts & sesame seeds

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