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With 100% Australian organically and naturally sourced magnesium chloride, the Sleep formula not only includes our superior Australian Magnesium but also a carefully selected blend of 100% Essential Oils that may assist with deeper sleep, relaxation, stress relief, inflammation, rheumatism and headaches. It smells amazing and achieves fantastic results.

Mg Body's Sleep Magnesium Roll On is designed to relax the body and mind to help induce sleep while delivering the added benefits of magnesium to your body. A transdermal application, the magnesium is fast-absorbing to deliver greater benefits. Magnesium is an essential mineral that has potential to support the body in a variety of ways, like encouraging deep REM sleep. After a shower - Simply roll on to the soles of feet, back of neck and inside of arms before bed. (60 ml Bottle)

  • Organic & Gluten-free
  • Transdermal magnesium roll-on
  • With sleep-promoting essential oils

Mg body Magnesium Australian products are all made with magnesium chloride liquid that has been directly extracted from the Australian ocean. Mg body Magnesium liquid is more effective than putting Epsom Salts into a hot bath...

Ingredients: Organic Magnesium Chloride, 100% Essential Oils of Orange Sweet, Lavender Maillete, Petitgrain, Camomile Roman, Sandle wood, 



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