Nirvana - Organic Erythritol sachets 40 pack

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When out and about, these are perfect to have on you, to use in your coffee
  • Pack of 40 Single Serve 4g Individual Erythritol Sticks
  • Perfect All Natural Alternative to Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners
  • Highest Quality, Organic Premium Grade 100% Erythritol
  • Less than One Calorie per serve
  • Zero GI and Zero Net Carbs
  • Suitable for Vegan, Paleo, Keto and Weight-watcher Diets
  • Perfect for Baking and can be used just like Sugar!
  • ACO Certified Organic Erythritol



Nirvana Organics is delighted to be the first Australian brand to offer the highest quality Australian Certified Organic Erythritol in attractive and functional retail packaging to the Australian market.

Enjoy this everyday sachet pack of your favourite Australian Certified Organic Erythritol to easily take with you anywhere! Nirvana Certified Organic Erythritol is a delicious all-natural sugar alternative that has almost ZERO Calories, has a ZERO Glycemic Index and ZERO net-carbs.

‘Great Tasting’ Erythritol is naturally derived from  fruits and plants and is considered to have a high digestive tolerance. It’s a great option for diabetics, low carb dieters, weight-watchers and the health conscious consumer desiring to avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners without sacrificing sweetness. 1 4g sachet of Erythritol equals approximately 70% as sweet as sugar!

Ingredients: 100% Organic Erythritol


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