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We have put together for you our Summer Challenge Keto Starter Packs

What do you get, you ask?

eBook - consisting of 81 recipes - 8 Weeks of Recipes, Meal plans.

Our eBooks are a digital download and displayed on recipe cards, for easy to read and use. Once you have paid for your starter kit, your eBook will be available straight away to download, it will arrive via email

12 Products from our KTAW store that can be used multiple times throughout the course of the 8 weeks. Once you have paid for your starter kit, it will generate a product order, which will be dispatched to you, within 24 Business Hours. Keep in mind we do not dispatch on the weekends. The rest of the ingredients can be purchased from your Coles, Woollies or Aldi stores.

We compiled this together, because we know how confusing starting keto can be. There is so much conflicting information out there on many different sites. It can become quite confusing for someone NEW to keto.

We have also worked out your macronutrients daily for you - which is generally under 20g carbs a day. It is also noted your Protein, Calories, Fats to guide you. This can be confusing for some within its self, plus time consuming.

During the 8 Weeks - the success is up to you - depends on how much you stick to the recipes. When we run our challenges we have had members lose up to 10kg and also around 20 - 40cm in body measurements. So make sure you weigh yourself at the beginning and take measurements of your Chest, Waist, Thighs to see your progress at the end, as you will lose due to inflammation. Also make sure to take full body photo and Face profile photo so that you can see the difference in the 8 weeks.

BEST OF LUCK 🙂 and we would love to know how you did, so send us an email at

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