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Zero Slim Keto Vegan Konjac Noodles

Zero Slim Organic Noodles are made from all natural vegetable Konjac-mannan (glucomannan) fiber, a water-soluble dietary fiber derived from the root of the Konjac plant. Zero Slim Organic Noodles contain only 5 calories per 100 gram serve and have no carbohydrates. 

ZERO NOODLES (400gr packet) 

Similar shape to vermicelli noodles, ZERO Noodles are ideally used in stir fries & soups but also great with pasta sauces & salads. Works well with cold rolls.

Created by an Australian Naturopath, the ZERO NOODLES range of pasta, noodles & rice uses Glucomannan flour made from the Konjac plant, making them significantly lower in calories and carbohydrates than wheat varieties and a great substitute for regular pasta and rice.

Fat, sugar and gluten free, our products are ideal for Keto, Paleo and Vegan diets as well as people with diabetes, wheat intolerance or allergies to gluten, dairy, eggs or soy, making it easy to continue to enjoy the foods you love while gaining health benefits and losing weight.

Being precooked, they are easily incorporated into your favourite dishes. Simply drain, rinse and serve with your favourite sauce.

They are easy to prepare. With a quick rinse they’re ready to go.

  • Zero Net Carbs

  • Fat Free & Dairy Free

  • 100% Organic Ingredients

  • Only 5 Calories per Serve

  • Gluten Free & Vegan


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