Food Swap Ideas

Posted on December 27 2020

Looking for ways to transition your lifestyle to a low carb / ketogenic lifestyle. Here are some quick ways to get rid of those high carb foods

High Carb Foods  Low Carb Foods
Bread Low carb wraps, iceberg lettuce leaves, 90 second bread, fathead dough
Oatmeal chia seeds, flax seed meal, almond meal
Rice cauli rice or broccoli rice
Chips / biscuits nut trail mixes, twiggy sticks, cheese, seeded crackers and some low carb / keto options
Hot Chips Haloumi, zucchini chips, swedes 
Pasta loupin flour pasta, konjak noodles, zucchini noodles (zoodles), spagetti squash
Flavoured Yoghurts coconut yoghurt or plain full fat yoghurt with small amounts of keto suitable fruits or honey/maple syrup substitutes (watch ingredients)
Baked Goods Replace flour with almond flour / almond meal / coconut flour. Replace sugar with approved keto sweeteners
Cereals Keto / low carb cereals can be useful. Can also use chia puddings, nut granola mixes (watch ingredients!)



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